J.J. Mortier & Cie - Négociant en vin - Bordeaux
J.J. Mortier & Cie - Négociant en vin - Bordeaux

The company

Mortier - Négociant en vin

J.J. Mortier en chiffres

Mortier - Négociant en vin

J.J. Mortier

Wine merchants since 1889

For more than 130 years, J.J.Mortier has provided a special link between fine wines and its customers.
Since its creation in 1889, J.J.Mortier has traversed the decades with a consistent professionalism and dedication to quality. Each generation has managed to adapt to changes in national and international markets.
Thanks to its allocations of Bordeaux Grand Cru wines, J.J.Mortier has always specialized in top-of-the-range distribution.
Its partnerships with numerous talented winemakers enable it to offer a wide range of Châteaux from among the best terroirs on an exclusive basis.
Jérôme Faugères

En France et à l'international

Une volonté de fidélisation

• A l'international : de nombreux importateurs exigeants et fidèles.
• En France : grossistes, cavistes et restaurants
• Marchés de niche de belle renommée : compagnies aériennes, Ambassades de France, Commission Européenne du Luxembourg, Présidence de l’Assemblée Nationale, monopoles canadiens et scandinaves, restaurants étoilés...


8 people


70% export
30% traditional French market



Petits Châteaux





- Selection of high-quality products
- Rigorous standards of storage conditions
- Logistics management
- Responsiveness: rapid treatment of requests
- Adaptability and flexibility: personalized customer management
- Professionalism: careful monitoring of orders from reception through to after-sales service
- Experience: expert handling of sales administration, regulations and procedures