J.J. Mortier & Cie - Négociant en vin - Bordeaux
J.J. Mortier & Cie - Négociant en vin - Bordeaux

Our range

Mortier - Négociant en vin

An offer based on rigorous standards

Our high-quality, diversified stocks of Classified Growths, generic wines and Petits Châteaux ensure that we can satisfy the orders of both local and international customers. Furthermore, the nature of our relations with the Grands Crus Classés allows us to ensure a supply of primeur and deliverable wines throughout the year.

Grands Crus Classés

Over 200 Grands Crus Classés (Great Classified Growths). Benefiting from a long-standing allocation of Grands Crus Classés in the Place de Bordeaux, in both primeur and deliverable wines, J.J. Mortier guarantees its customers a reliable supply, thanks to relationships developed with properties over more than a century.

Petits Châteaux

J.J. Mortier château-bottles a range of exclusive wines selected, monitored, and developed according to rigorous specifications.
Monogramme Mortier
The J.J. Mortier monogram represents:
• bottling by J.J. Mortier.
• long-term partnerships with winegrowers.
• exclusive distribution.
The Mortier logo (fragment of the historical J.J. Mortier coat of arms) identifies the range of exclusive J.J. Mortier labels.
This symbol represents a selection of partner Châteaux.